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Find answers to frequently asked questions

How to shop online?

After browsing the shop and measuring yourself,you place the desired item in the shopping cart by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button.

If it’s athree-of-a-kind item, first choose your size or enter the reqiured measurements in the Notes box at the bottom of the Cart page.

If it’s a made-to-measure accessory, enter the required measurements in the Notes box at the bottom of the Cart page.

Then enter the required information in your shopping cart. Postage will be calculated and displayed after you enter your location data. By clicking on Go to payment, the billing system will ask for billing information to complete your purchase. Upon completion, you will receive an e-mail notification of the successful purchase.

More info about your personal information and how it is used can be found on Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

What payment methods do you accept?

Accepted payment methods are direct bank transfer and payment via PayPal.

Is it possible to pay on delivery?

No, payment on delivery on this web shop is not possible.

Do you take custom orders?

YES! I’m taking custom orders with Darkona’s expression! If you liked something and it is not available in your size, or if you’d like something similar, contact me via contact form to arrange your custom order! You can also order one of the accessories that are made according to your measures.

Is it possible to return an item?

You can find information about refunds and returns at the Terms of Purchase .

To avoid these complications and inconveniences, please, measure yourself carefully and correctly before proceeding with your purchase – measurements are provided with each product, and the product is listed as a preview before the release date, so you could have the time to measure yourself correctly and thoughtfully view the product photos. Also, you can always contact me if you have additional questions – via contact form or by e-mail [email protected].

How do I measure myself?

Detailed instructions about sizing and measuring yourself can be found on the size chart.

Will a sold piece be available again?

Everything I make is unique, except for three-of-a-kind items where I make the same piece available in three sizes. This means that that exact same piece won’t be repeated. But if you like one of the sold pieces, or you’d like something similar, you can contact me to arrange your custom-made order!

What does it mean when an item of clothing is marked "available soon"?

All pieces are posted on the site a few days before they become available for purchase, so that interested clients can carefully and accurately measure themselves before making a purchase. The exact time and date of each new collection will be clearly indicated on the front page, and subscribers will be notified as soon as the collection is published.

Are leather and fur used in making your products?

Darkona is completely animal-friendly – I use only artificial fur and faux leather of proven origin, and I never use silk, wool or other animal hairs. This is very important for me because I believe that designers should encourage the development of textile technology and use new, improved fabrics. I also believe that artistic expression and freedom do not justify the exploitation of innocent beings. Darkona will always be suitable for animal lovers.

How to wash and care for purchased items?

Instructions on the maintenance and washing of each garment are indicated on their label. In general, most pieces can be washed in a washing machine at a low temperature (30-40 degrees) without centrifuges, unless otherwise indicated. More delicate items than lace, mesh, tile and faux leather should be washed by hand. All items should be hung after washing and air-dried.